Safety of our Guests

Our highest priority is to make sure our guests feel secure, safe and reassured in the knowledge that we have clear processes in place, following the Government Covid-19 guidance on cleanliness and social distancing. We have conducted a thorough risk assessment of every aspect of our bed and breakfast, the processes, together with appropriate measures and controls to minimise the risk from Covid-19.

Go to the links below for important Government legislation on local restrictions for the North East from Friday 18th September

The following measures have put into place at Post Office House to ensure all guest and host safety :-

  • We have reduced (where possible) our room capacity at Post Office House, from three rooms to two; our ground floor double room and one of our first floor bedrooms (double or twin available).
  • We have a responsibility to continue to observe all Government guidelines and legislation, therefore no guests should arrive at Post Office House if feeling unwell or showing any symptoms of Covid-19, either the day before you are due to arrive or on the actual day.
  • We also ask that guests please take personal responsibility for their wellbeing.
  • On check-in, we will ensure social distancing of host to guest and guest to guest. Our intention is to ensure that guests arrive at different times. The layout of Post Office House is such that if the guests are arriving by vehicle, we come out to personally greet you in our rear courtyard/private car park.  Guest room keys and entrance key will be disinfected and left in your room prior to your arrival.  We are in a Grade II Listed building with a single entrance and single staircase, and guests need to be aware that we are unable to provide a ‘one way system’ through the building and to the guest rooms.
  • There are four hand sanitiser stations: One at the guest entrance, one located at the bottom of the stairs, one upstairs on the landing and one in the Breakfast Room.
  • We will be checking temperatures of guests on arrival using an infrared no-touch thermometer and if a temperature reads of 37.8°C or more, you will be refused entry.
  • We will still offer, as we have always done, to assist you with luggage.  If you do wish us to help with your luggage, we will take into your room, wearing a mask and gloves and keep to the appropriate physical distancing.
  • Masks are now compulsory and MUST be worn by guests when entering our property in the public areas i.e. lobbies, corridors and hallways.
  • Enhanced cleaning beyond our usual very high standards which includes requirements as stipulated by Sawdays Special Place to Stay (please see the link on this page for more details) and we have been approved by both Visit England’s `Good to Go’ and AA Covid-19 Confident schemes.
  • All key areas of Post Office House will be cleaned and sanitised to Government protocol including door handles, light switches and regular touch points.
  • All guest rooms will be cleaned and sanitised, after departing guests, using high quality cleaners and disinfectants including disinfectant wipes which are NHS Approved.
  • All our linen which is white cotton, will be washed at 60°C or above
  • Provision of 70% alcohol hand sanitiser is located at the guest entrance
  • We will be using dedicated personal protective equipment (PPE) for food preparation and cleaning regimes
  • We will maintain a high level of hand cleanliness and hygiene and ask that our guests do so too!
  • We have purchased a second table for our Breakfast Room which is located between 1.5 and 2 metres away from the original breakfast table.  The layout can be seen on our Breakfast page
  • The larger breakfast table can accommodate up to four guests who are in a support bubble, the smaller table will accommodate two guests.
  • We are insisting that guests have staggered breakfast times which will limit the amount of guests in the Breakfast Room at any one time.  However, if one set of guests are eating/finishing breakfast and the next set coming in, there is at least 1.5 metres between our two tables which meets Government legislation.
  • All bedroom windows can be opened to allow air circulation if required, we ask that windows are left open on departure.
  • We have removed all our decorative cushions/runners/other decorative items which cannot be disinfected easily and the TV remote controls are placed in a sealed hygiene bag.
  • Sanitary disposal bags have been removed from the en-suites but are available on request.
  • We have left our lovely Scottish Fine Soap Company toiletries in the en-suites for you to use.  These are manually pump-operated and can be easily cleaned and disinfected prior to your arrival, if you wish to use them.
  • During your stay, you will be provided with a neat little device called a `HygieneHook’ – this very useful tool enables you to open door handles without touching them. Of course, we will disinfect the door handles but this is just an extra safeguard.
  • To avoid card transactions (PIN entry on keypad), we will take the balance of payment remotely and provide you with your copy receipt in a sealed envelope. To further minimise cross-contamination, we will not be accepting cash payments.
  • 14 days prior to reopening, we will be monitoring our temperature in the event we present symptoms associated with Covid-19, then we will have no alternative but to self-isolate for 14 days.  Post Office House is run solely by Simon and Claire with no staff, therefore we would contact guests to cancel their bookings. Additionally, in the event that once we are up-and-running and we present symptoms of Covid-19, then we would have to self-isolate and cancel current guest reservations.   This will mean that any guests part-way through their stay with us, would have to depart.  If the above scenario happens, we will only charge for the nights that you have stayed with us.
  • A scenario we pray will never happen..if you begin to show symptoms that are indicative of the common Coronavirus symptoms (e.g. a fever, persistent cough, loss of taste or smell) during your stay, you must notify us immediately. To comply with Government legislation, you will be asked to check out of Post Office House in order to self-isolate at your home address. Should your symptoms become worse you should seek medical advice.

The above list is not exhaustive and will continue to review and implement any necessary procedures and practices for our industry as instructed by our Government.  We will, as always, endeavour to make our guest experience memorable and are always available for advice and any questions you may have regarding your stay with us. We ask that all guests adhere and respect the current Covid-19 guidelines and any subsequent amendments. Please be patient with us during these Covid times and if you have any concerns or questions either prior to or during your stay, then please ask us.

We will continue to deliver our excellent hospitality and service, synonymous with Post Office House.