Cool Coffee!

On the way to pick more of our wonderful ground coffee from Pilgrims Coffee House and Roastery, it was not quite ready for collection but we were lucky enough to be invited into the yurt where the roasting takes place and watch Jonny (Head Roaster!) prepare our `Holy Grail’ coffee being freshly roasted and ground all in situ – you can’t get much fresher than that!


A big thank you to Jonny Lish for explaining how the coffee is made, it was truly fascinating.  Also got a delicious cup of fresh Latte whilst waiting!  Pigrims Coffee House and Roastery is a definite visit whilst on Holy Island, as well as their mouth watering coffee, the food is excellent too.  The roasting yurt is located in the garden and is a must to have a peep in and say hello!  To find Pigrims, just follow the coffee scent! (located in the centre of the village)